Study of the route

This is done with the cargo information provided by the client such as:
- Weight and support points of the piece to be transported.
- Origin where the equipment will be loaded.
- Final destination where the piece will be unloaded.

Having this knowledge, a group of specialized personnel is sent to go through and analyze the route, to obtain the points of conflict, such as: bridges, and diferent elements on the track.

Having this information, the corresponding solutions are given and alternate routes are planned if it is necessary.

Permits and releases

By having the study of the route and the points of conflict, we can know which are the permissions and releases that we need.

Permits to the necessary institutions to be able to carry out the transportation of the equipment.

It is when we pass through a point that we need permission from third parties, for example some CFE or PEMEX cables, we coordinate with them to work as a team and be able to transport the cargo without affecting them.

Dimensioned transport element

Based on the information of the piece (weight, support points, origin and destination) as well as the information of the route (level of curves, conflict points, distance kilometers), we can define the type of transport that we are going to use, what is the type of configuration we need for the lines (normal configuration, 1.5 or double), number of trucks and if necessary the use of low boys.

Loading and unloading of Gantries

(complementary service)
The maneuvers with gantries are specific, if the place is too small for a crane to enter or for different situations, it is recommended to use gantries, which will lift the equipment from the ground or a transport and move it backwards or forwards, to leave the load at its rest or final fixing points.


Provide the specialized transport service complying with the standards of Security, delivery logistics,
adequate and efficient technology, obtaining a profitability that guarantees permanence in the market and growth of the company to be a leader in the field.


In order to tell our story, we have to talk about ESEASA CONSTRUCCIONES, a company dedicated to specialized lifting and transportation services, through the handling of heavy machinery and cranes, special assemblies and equipment rental, among others.

In 2001, the company ESEASA, recognized for its great experience in the use of cranes and heavy equipment, was chosen to participate in the construction of the second floor of the Periférico in the Federal District. Within this project, they were invited to venture into the sector of specialized transport, thus beginning a new phase in this company, creating a department dedicated to the transportation of columns and highways.

Little by little they were acquiring special tractor trucks, necessary for specialized transport. In this way, clients began to trust this new department to transport the machinery and parts they needed, receiving a complete service through the execution of maneuvers, planning and additional work to complete the route, and thus provide them with the security of a perfect arrival. to its final destination with the quality of an excellent job that it continues now days, to always provide the best service to its customers.

On February 11, 2012, it was decided to make this department independent, officially forming what to this day is PESADO TRANSPORT, a relatively young company, but the experience of all these years together with ESEASA CONSTRUCCIONES supports us.

We are one of the largest companies in Latin America in terms of equipment, always providing an excellent service to each of our clients.


We share the vision of being a consolidated and highly humane company that allows us to be
competitive leaders in the provision of specialized Transportation services.


Team 1


Brand: Peterbilt
Model: 367H
Engine: Cummins 15x
Trans: Allison
Comments: 6x6 traction, with planetary in the rear axles, designed for heavy loads.

Team 1


Brand: Goldhofer
Model: PST/ SL
Capacity / axle: 30 tons
Description: Self-propelled
Lines: 12

Goldhofer offers a wide range of heavy-duty modulars for transporting heavy loads. The hydrostatic drive system ensures an adjustable, bump-free ride, even in the toughest conditions. The tractive force largely depends on the number of lines of driven axles, as well as the performance of the motor of the drive unit.

Team 1


Brand: Goldhofer
Model: TPH /SL
Capacity / axle: 22 tons
Description: Towable
Lines: 100

Goldhofer modular units can be combined in length and width, thus offering almost unlimited options for solving complex transport tasks, can be used with different loading equipment, can transport loads from approx. 80 tons to more than 10 ,000 tons easily and safely.




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